Small Projects

The past few weeks, I have completed small knitting projects and easy sewing projects. First, I finished my Bridger Cowl (free pattern by Kris Basta found on Ravelry). This is a project that has been in my queue long before I actually could knit. Small enough to fit in my purse, I knit this on … Continue reading Small Projects


London Sewing

10 years ago (wow, time flies), my mom and I went to London for a wonderful vacation. It was such a great trip and awesome to share with my mom. Since then we have both given each other gifts with a London theme. Last year, I made my mom a Tin Can Knits Cowl in … Continue reading London Sewing


What's a Blipper? Well, it is a new tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. A Blipper is a fleece blanket that has a pocket for your feet...a blanket/slipper! I texted my cousin to see if her son would like one and she said absolutely! I went through my stash and found two fabrics and I … Continue reading Blipper