Book Date

Happy Memorial Day! We attended an event at our local Children's Museum (open just for Autistic families). The kids were astronauts, doctors, pirates and builders-they had a great time! Miss ME and I attended a Reptile birthday party, we both touched snakes, iguanas and geckos. Yesterday was a family party and today is a lazy … Continue reading Book Date


Book Date

Happy Monday! Time for Book Date. I am still listening to Spoonbenders. I haven't been listening to it on my commute because I had the car without blue tooth, so it was NPR listening time instead (I can't hear it well if I play it just through my phone as I drive). I finished Bundle … Continue reading Book Date


When we moved into this house, we painted our dining room a lovely teal color. It was perfect for a dining room. Problem was, we never used the dinning room except for Christmas Eve dinner. So, the dining room became my sewing room. Dining room table became my sewing table. Then we decided to sell … Continue reading DIY