When we moved into this house, we painted our dining room a lovely teal color. It was perfect for a dining room. Problem was, we never used the dinning room except for Christmas Eve dinner. So, the dining room became my sewing room. Dining room table became my sewing table. Then we decided to sell … Continue reading DIY


Small Projects

The past few weeks, I have completed small knitting projects and easy sewing projects. First, I finished my Bridger Cowl (free pattern by Kris Basta found on Ravelry). This is a project that has been in my queue long before I actually could knit. Small enough to fit in my purse, I knit this on … Continue reading Small Projects

Unexpected Fun

Miss ME's therapy was cancelled today. So, we put our aprons on, played christmas carols and made cookies! Her brother will be thrilled for his special treat when he gets home from school! Have a good day!