Weekly Weigh In

This week I am down 0.6 for 10.6 pounds total. It is also measurement week. I am down an additional 3.2 inches for 14.5 inches lost! Measuring is helpful to me as I my losses only average 0.5 pounds/week. Seeing the inches disappear helps me stay motivated. Workouts: Saturday: No workout.  Was out all day … Continue reading Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In

This week, I weighed in one day early as I wasn't going to be able to go today. Down 0.8lb. More importantly, that brought me to TEN pounds lost! All those 0.5lb add up. This week, life really took over and I barely tracked and only managed one workout...sad, I know. At least this proves … Continue reading Weekly Weigh In

Yarn Along

A good friend of mine recently gave me several knitting books. I decided to use The Knitter's Bible by Claire Crompton to learn some new stitches. I love Gansey Patterns and chose Lightning to start with. Sometimes a small project is just what you need-quick satisfaction! A stomach bug has hit our house 😦 I … Continue reading Yarn Along


My last sewing class (until the end of May) was Saturday. We learned how to make a simple stuffed bunny. Simple, but with lots of learning points: making darts, sewing curves, pattern cutting, etc. This bunny was intended for a newborn, so no eyes and I sent the pompom tail incase they wanted to put … Continue reading Learning