This week, I've been making pajama bottoms and hats to send to a friend. I'll be posting those at the end of the week. Today, after a killer spin class, I really (emphasis on REALLY) wanted a bagel. However, bagels are at least 9 points on Weight Watchers...I'm not willing to spend 9 points. So, … Continue reading Bagels


Weekly Weigh In

I had to weigh in a day early due to work. This week, I am only down 0.1 lb. Not surprising after my big loss last week. Major pat on the back for only eating ONE cookie after Monday's baking session with Miss ME. This weeks workouts included: 21 DF Lower Fix YouV2 Rock and … Continue reading Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In

During the week of Thanksgiving, I decided to not stress and enjoy my holiday...and I did. This week, I made some conscious choices. I decided to track everyday...and I did. I decided to move everyday...and I did (21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio, Upper Fix, Lower Fix and walks). I decided to decrease alcohol...and I … Continue reading Weekly Weigh In