Sweater Weather…

...my favorite time of the year! Well, its almost sweater weather. I've taken two weeks away from blogging and enjoyed a trip to Carmel CA and the school year started (one week apart) for each child. (Pebble Beach Golf Resort, 17 Mile Drive and The Carmel Coastline) (Yay!  Free time for myself!!) It has been … Continue reading Sweater Weather…


Seedling Gypsum

A while back Craftsy.com was having a sale and I fell in love with Seedling by Thomas Paul fabric. I purchased three yards with no project in mind. Then I found Sew Liberated's Gypsum Skirt. I made my first one with knit fabric, and I love it. The fabric and pattern seemed a perfect match. … Continue reading Seedling Gypsum

Cleo #3

I would love to say the third time is the charm...but it wasn't. I am determined to find the right fit for me with the Cleo Skirt. I realize it is meant to be a full skirt (lots of pleats, etc), but I can't get the sizing right. My first Cleo was done strictly by … Continue reading Cleo #3