Flannel Quilt

A while back, I made a flannel quilt top for my husband. I had been promising him a blanket (quilt, crochet or knit) for so long, and this year I finally did it. I used Maywood Studio's Woolies Flannel Neutral 2.5" strips, which I purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Co. The pattern is a simple … Continue reading Flannel Quilt


Charlotte Part 4

Happy Memorial Day. I thought it was fitting to work on something red, white and blue. I completed Part 4 of my Charlotte Square Blanket. I am totally making up this blanket from Part 4 on. Included in this part: Round 1: Double Crochet Back Loops Round 2: Back Post Half Double Crochet Round 3: … Continue reading Charlotte Part 4

Charlotte Part 1

This week I started the center of a new baby blanket. The center is my favorite square of late, Look at What I Made's Charlotte Square. My inspiration for color pattern is the squares made by Jennybugs' (Ravelry name) Charlotte Dream blanket. I chose red, white & blue as my color choices as the parents … Continue reading Charlotte Part 1

Yarn Along

I finished Molly Ringwald's When it Happens to You. For a book that includes hard topics such as infidelity, death and gender identity, I really enjoyed it. This weeks reads are: On my Kindle, Carrie Fisher's Shockaholic It’s been a roller coaster of a few years for Carrie since her Tony- and Emmy-nominated, one-woman Broadway … Continue reading Yarn Along

Yarn Along

We had a busy two weeks, getting ready for Christmas and hosting my parents for the weekend. Also, Miss ME turned Three!!! I can't believe that my baby is three...time is flying. I'm sure in a few years, she'll be mad at me for birthing her the day after Christmas, but for now, she is … Continue reading Yarn Along