Charlotte Part 3

I had originally intended this Charlotte to be a baby blanket.

However, since I am taking my sweet time making this, it is now going to be a blanket for my family.

Charlotte is such a pretty square!


At the end of Part 3, the square is 18inX18in.


Although I love the look of continuing Parts 2 and 3 to grow the square, I know I’ll become bored just repeating those instructions.

I intend to grow the blanket using “innings” from the Around the Bases CAL created by ChiChi at Keitopalette.

Here is my first ATB CAL:


This has enough fun stitches for me to choose from to keep me interested as I grow Charlotte.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Hope you are having a great week!

Pattern: Charlotte by Look at What I Made

Yarn: Deramores Studio DK

Hook: Furls Odyssey 4.5mm

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Charlotte Part 2

I have completed part two of Look At What I Made’s Charlotte Square and I love it!


I used Esther’s video tutorial for to do the first triangle, then used LAWIM’s written/photo tutorial to do the remaining three triangles.

Each section was a very quick project with variety to keep it interesting!


Clusters, puff stitches, front post treble crochet, etc.


I love how the red makes the center square pop!

See part one here.

I’m not sure if I am going to do part three or use parts of the Around the Bases CAL to complete the blanket.

Have a good week!

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Yarn: Deramore Studio DK

Hook: Furls Odyssey 4.5mm

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Charlotte Part 1

This week I started the center of a new baby blanket.

The center is my favorite square of late, Look at What I Made’s Charlotte Square.

My inspiration for color pattern is the squares made by Jennybugs’ (Ravelry name) Charlotte Dream blanket.

I chose red, white & blue as my color choices as the parents are big Cubs fans.


They recently revealed that they are having a boy.

I think the colors will make this feminine looking square look fine for a boy.

I purchased Deramores Studio DK yarn and it is very soft (although, a little splitty).

Full disclosure, I didn’t read the pattern at all.

I used the fabulous video tutorial by Esther at It’s all in a Nutshell.

Parts 1-18 are done and the square is on the blocking mat.




Part 2 will be all red.

I can’t wait to see how it will look when it is done!

Have a lovely week!

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Yarn Along

I finished Molly Ringwald’s When it Happens to You.

For a book that includes hard topics such as infidelity, death and gender identity, I really enjoyed it.

This weeks reads are:

  • On my Kindle, Carrie Fisher’s Shockaholic

    It’s been a roller coaster of a few years for Carrie since her Tony- and Emmy-nominated, one-woman Broadway show and New York Times bestselling book Wishful Drinking. She not only lost her beloved father, but also her once-upon-a-very-brief-time stepmother, Elizabeth Taylor. And as if all that weren’t enough, she also managed to lose over forty pounds of unwanted flesh—not by sawing off a leg (though that did cross her zapped mind) but by doing what might be termed “wishful shrinking,” all the while staying sober and sane-ish. And she wants to tell you, dear reader, all about it . . . and more.

  • In hardcover, Fiona Barton’s The Widow

    When the police started asking questions, Jean Taylor turned into a different woman. One who enabled her and her husband to carry on, when more bad things began to happen…

    But that woman’s husband died last week. And Jean doesn’t have to be her anymore.

    There’s a lot Jean hasn’t said over the years about the crime her husband was suspected of committing. She was too busy being the perfect wife, standing by her man while living with the accusing glares and the anonymous harassment.

    Now there’s no reason to stay quiet. There are people who want to hear her story. They want to know what it was like living with that man. She can tell them that there were secrets. There always are in a marriage.

    The truth—that’s all anyone wants. But the one lesson Jean has learned in the last few years is that she can make people believe anything…

  • Still reading Kathy Griffin’s Celebrity Run-Ins (this one I’m reading here and there).


My projects this week are finishing a Corner to Corner baby blanket for a co-worker.

I started this long ago and am determined to mail it this weekend.

I’m using KnitPicks Brava Sport and a 5mm Furls hook.

I am also working on Tin Can Knits Oats Cowl (knit) for myself.

Using Quince & Co. Osprey in Frost and 5mm circulars.

I prefer to not have things tight around my neck, so I cast on the longer version.

This will need a good blocking and I’m excited to see it when its all done!  (it is so squished on the needles, I can’t get a true picture in my head of what it will look like)

Have a good week reading & crafting!

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Yarn Along

We had a busy two weeks, getting ready for Christmas and hosting my parents for the weekend.

Also, Miss ME turned Three!!!

I can’t believe that my baby is three…time is flying.


I’m sure in a few years, she’ll be mad at me for birthing her the day after Christmas, but for now, she is just excited for a second day of presents 🙂

My current read is Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

I am really enjoying it and particularly like how the chapters go back and forth between the descendants of the two sisters.

Of course,  I have had to bookmark the genealogy page to help keep track of who’s descendants are who’s.

Effia and Esi are born into different villages in eighteenth-century Ghana. Effia is married off to an Englishman and lives in comfort in the palatial rooms of Cape Coast Castle. Unbeknownst to Effia, her sister, Esi, is imprisoned beneath her in the castle’s dungeons, sold with thousands of others into the Gold Coast’s booming slave trade, and shipped off to America, where her children and grandchildren will be raised in slavery. One thread of Homegoing follows Effia’s descendants through centuries of warfare in Ghana, as the Fante and Asante nations wrestle with the slave trade and British colonization. The other thread follows Esi and her children into America. From the plantations of the South to the Civil War and the Great Migration, from the coal mines of Pratt City, Alabama, to the jazz clubs and dope houses of twentieth-century Harlem, right up through the present day, Homegoing makes history visceral, and captures, with singular and stunning immediacy, how the memory of captivity came to be inscribed in the soul of a nation.


I am working on my husband’s Honeycomb blanket (found in the book Crochet to Calm, pattern by AnneMarie Benthem).

I plan on spending a week working on this to make some serious progress.


I also made Spider Woman Knits Drop Stitch Knit Cowl.

A free pattern, this has almost 6000 completed projects on Ravelry.

I have wanted to make it for a while.

An easy pattern, made in the round, I finished it very quickly.

However, I’m not in love with it and will be donating it to Hooking for the Homeless.

My yarn choice was not right for the pattern.

In my opinion,  a very stiff chunky yarn needs to be used for this pattern (maybe Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick?).

It looks best as it does in the designers pictures, my yarn was too “soft” and gave it too much drape.

Happy Reading & Crafting!

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A Simple Lapghan

In June, Dedri at Look At What I Made revealed her Joy’s Journey Afghan.

In her post she mentioned that she designed this blanket and kit (found here) for Alzheimer and Dementia patients.

Recently, my aunt entered a care facility for Alzheimers.

Although this was a difficult decision for her family to make, it has been a wonderful blessing.

She loves her new home and loves all the social interactions she has with her new friends.

I wanted to make her something for her new home and this blanket seemed to be the right pattern.

I had ten skeins of Bernat Bargello in Plum (90 yards/skein) that I purchased from the Yarn Factory Outlet.

Purple being one of my aunt’s favorite colors, it seemed the perfect yarn to use.


This pattern was based on Dedri’s Continuous Solid Square tutorial, pattern found here.

Ten skeins was enough for me to make a lapghan.

For some reason, my blanket is not a perfect square, it has a slight hourglass shape.


I’m sure if I blocked it would square up, but I don’t have the room to block it properly.

My only dissappointment is the random light purple stitch in the third round.

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until I was quite a ways through the blanket

I will say it is a nice weight blanket and it is soft.

Honestly,as I crocheted, I was so warm and toasty with it on my lap.

I know it will bring her some pleasure!


I also have the kit for Dedri’s Summer in Swanage Crochet Blanket, which I plan on making for myself after I finish my husband’s Honeycomb Blanket.

Her Charlotte Crochet Square is one of my absolute favorite squares.

(You think I like her designs? ??!!!)

Happy Crocheting!

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Yarn Along

This week I am still reading The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald.


Unfortunately, I dropped my iPad and shattered the screen (I seriously couldn’t have done it so spectacularly if I tried…it flew out of my hand and landed in just a way to shatter, not crack, the screen).

So, I needed to request the hard copy at the library.

Luckily, it arrived in a few days after I requested it.

I also received two knitting books that I had ordered from (couldn’t pass up the prices).


First, The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge-A Complete Guide to Essential Knitting Techniques by Debbi Bliss.

This book is BEAUTIFUL!

Seriously, the styling, the colors used, the illustrations and photographs.

It is lovely to look at!

Second, Knit a Square-Create a Cuddly Creature by Nicky Epstein.

I saw her interviewed about this book and thought it would be a good way for me to practice my knitting.  Simple squares that are sewn in such a way to create a small stuffed animal.

A very cute book.

I am working on the following projects:

  • Caron Cake Super Scarf (pattern found in  Simply Crochet Issue 40)
  • Knitted PomPom Scarf using my great Plymouth yarn gifted to me by my SIL
  • Completing a WIP: Continuous Square Lapghan for my aunt (in the above pictures)

I am hoping to tackle all the WIPs I have laying about!

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Yarn Along



I am still reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

It is really holding my attention.

I am so glad I got this from the Library’s Overdrive.

I am able to read it on my iPad when I wake up at 2 or 3 without waking my husband.

Although, for some reason I read one of the main characters name as Vivianne rather Vianne…so she’s Vivianne to me!

Now that my Sophie’s Cardigan is complete, I am working on the following projects:

  • For my husband, I am making a Honeycomb Blanket.

A long, long time ago he asked me to make him a green afghan.

I purchased Caron Simply Soft in Kelly Green from the E-Tent, and well,  all that yarn just sat in my closet.

I purchased Crochet to Calm and fell in love with the pictures of the Honeycomb Blanket by Adrianne Brigham.

I plan on doing a moss stitch border in green and white.

  • My second project is Stephanie Japel’s Lacy Keyhole Knit Scarf.

This is the first project in her Knit Lab class.

Recently Craftsy was having a sale on classes and I purchased Circular Knit Lab in a quest to learn how to knit hats.

Before I start that class though, I want to work on my skills with the Knit Lab class.

I am using Lion Brand’s Wool Ease in Blush Heather.

These are just two of the many projects I have half completed.

Yay for fall and winter…back to working on afghans and keeping warm and toasty!

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along

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Year of Projects


Recently I saw Field Lilies post about her complete Year of Project (YOP) and I loved looking at pictures of her finished objects.  Her Linen Stitch Scarf is what first caught my attention on Ravelry and brought me to her blog.

There is a group on Ravelry named A Year of Project Blog-a-thon.

I’ve joined and here is my list of projects I hope to finish in one years time!

  • Knit Hats.  In particular:
    • this pattern from Fiber Flux.  I have some Sidar Snuggly in pink and a fair isle that I would like to use to make Miss ME a hat for winter.
    • this pattern from Archives and Old Lace.  This has been in my Ravelry queue for a long time.
  • Hats & Scarves for The Red Scarf Project and Beth’s Hats for Hope.  I have been donating handmade items to these two charities for a few years.
  • Lil Shepherd by Julie Partie. Pattern and yarn purchased.  This will be my first knitted article of clothing (for Miss ME).
  • Knitted Socks.  Recently I was able to get a free class on Craftsy and I chose My First Knit Socks by Lucy Neatby.
  • A blanket for my husband (I purchased the yarn one year ago and have yet to make one).
  • A poncho for me.  In particular these two patterns:

There are so many more projects I want to do, but these are the ones I really want to do!

Check out the Ravelry group here.  The year begins July 1st.

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!