Yarn Along

I had a tough time finding a book to read this week. Everything I picked up did not hold my interest (4 books from the library and 2 from my kindle stash of books). Then I remembered I had purchased Fannie Flagg's The Whole Town's Talking for my husband last christmas. Elmwood Springs, Missouri, is … Continue reading Yarn Along


My last sewing class (until the end of May) was Saturday. We learned how to make a simple stuffed bunny. Simple, but with lots of learning points: making darts, sewing curves, pattern cutting, etc. This bunny was intended for a newborn, so no eyes and I sent the pompom tail incase they wanted to put … Continue reading Learning

A Single Moment

Sometimes, there is a single moment where you just want to freeze time. That happened yesterday. After a busy day of errands, yard work, house cleaning and playing, we ¬†were all showered/bathed and in our pajama's. The kids were playing in the playroom, my husband was watching the Patriots and I was reading a book … Continue reading A Single Moment