Stolen Moments

My daughter's therapy schedule is jam packed. She has ABA Therapy and Speech therapy Monday through Thursday. Lately, I have been working every Friday, so my free moments during the day with Miss ME are few and far between. Today we had an hour between appointments. Outside we went into the most beautiful summer day. … Continue reading Stolen Moments

Day to Day

With two small kids, every day is busy and full of wonder and learning. We've discovered a new musical instrument-the piano! Sincere apologies to my aunt and uncle for all the noise. We saw our niece graduate high school! Apologies to other audience members, we tried to keep them corralled.  We really did. Miss ME had her … Continue reading Day to Day

Good thoughts…

My children were asleep when I came home from work last night. I went into their room and just stood looking at them. The only thought in my head: "How lucky am I to be their mom?" I'm a lucky lady.