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This week I am still reading Find Her by Lisa Gardner.

I’m 70% through and enjoying it.

I always like revisiting characters I have read so much about.

My project today was to seam my Forbidden Forrest cowl.

This project is for the Ravelry group Beginners Knit-a-long’s color work contest.

The project has to be knit, use 2 colors, and must incorporate those colors beyond simple color blocks.

As a new knitter, I am still working on my technique, so my project was super simple (hope it meets the rules).

I used Romney Ridge Yarns & Wool Boston Cowl Pattern (I couldn’t find a link in Ravelry).

Currently, this is paid pattern (I obtained it for free a few weeks ago).

I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes sport yarn in Green Tea Heather, Chocolate, Chestnut and Pampas Heather.

I purchased this sampler pack ages ago and I’m happy to finally use some of the yarn.

I’m calling this cowl Forbidden Forrest because the color combo reminded me of the Forbidden Forrest in Harry Potter (which was on my brain because of Inside Number 23’s Harry Potter KAL).

I’m pleased how it turned out.



Joining Ginny’s weekly Yarn Along.


This cowl has been claimed by Miss ME!

If I’m being honest, it really does look better on her than me!

Have a lovely week!


Harry Potter Love

I love Harry Potter.

I loved all the books and I love, love, love listening to Jim Dale narrate the audiobooks (if you haven’t listened to them, you really should!).

The Ravelry Group, Inside Number 23, is having a year long Harry Potter KAL.

Any knit, crochet, or yarn related Harry Potter inspired project is eligible.

Here is the info.

So, kicking it off for me, is my Gryffindor Inspired Cable Twist Crochet Hat.

I originally wanted this to be a hat for me.

However, the yarn I used made this too bulky for my liking.

Even though it was made in the adult size, it is now a hat for my kids.


It is a tad large for them, as you can see.


Except, they really love it!

They fought over it last night and Miss ME put it on as soon as she woke today.


I plan on adding a huge gold pompom to help keep it weighed down and on their foreheads.

I really loved making this hat and love the cables it produced.

I plan on finding a “thinner” worsted weight yarn and making a hat for myself.

I used The Crochet Crowd’s video tutorial, found here.

I did notice that the video tutorial is different from the written pattern (just in the amount of repeats of the first few rounds).

Stitch count is important in the initial cable set up rounds, you can’t fudge it.

If you get that correct, the rest is a breeze.

I love cables, so today is all about making myself this hat!

(Thank you snow, a reason to crochet all day!)

Happy Crocheting!

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Hook: Furls Odyssey 5mm

Yarn: Red Heart SuperSaver Gold and Burgundy




Yarn Along


This week I am reading some short stories found in the book A Moment on the Edge.

A Moment on the Edge is a collection of short stories written by twenty-five of the best women mystery writers in history. They span the years between 1903 and 2003. Some of the writers included in this book are Antonia Fraser, Charlotte Armstrong, Sara Paretsky, Ngaio Marsh and Shirley Jackson.

Short stories are just my speed this week.

My project this week is a stash buster.

The Ravelry group, Inside Number 23, is having a year long Harry Potter KAL.

I was watching one of the HP movies this weekend and realized I had a Knit Picks Wool of the Andes sampler pack that resembled the colors in the Forbidden Forest.

So, I am making a Forbidden Forest Knit Cowl.

A nice, simple, mindless knit which I will hopefully finish today and block Friday.

We are expecting a snow storm tomorrow, so I plan on also making a Gryffindor hat for my daughter while I’m snow bound.

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along



Finally Finished!

A long time ago, I joined RedHeart.com’s Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl Knit Along.

I have finally finished!



This is my biggest knit project since I started knitting this past year.

Is it perfect, heck no, but I am tickled pink by it!

My color inspiration was this crochet Nordic Shawl:image

I took it to work last week and a friend (a knitting guru) fixed my dropped stitches for me.  This weekend, Sunday was a pure “stay in your pjs” rain day, so I was able to get many additional rows completed.

I did change it up a bit from the original pattern.  I learned that I’m not much of a fan of purling, so Section II/Mini Section III I changed to all garter stitch in a solid color (wheat).  I’m sure as I knit more, I’ll get used to purling.


Once I started Section III, honestly, I was ready for this project to be over.  So, I chose to do just a few rows of garter stitch again.

There were a heck of a lot of ends to weave in (not my favorite thing to do).


I am glad that I took the time to do the I-Cord bind off though. It was a great learning experience.  Marly’s video tutorial found here.

It really does give it a nice finished look, and it is super stretchy.



Even though I ended at a shorter length, it is perfect for me.  I plan to wear this during the winter as a scarf, it wraps nicely without being too bulky!


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Pattern: Marly Bird Garter Stitch Shawl

Yarn: RedHeart Soft in Coral, Wheat and Turquoise

Needles: Deborah Norville Circular US 9

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Yarn Along

This week I am working on two projects.

First, my Nordic Garter Stitch Shawl, which is my version of Marly Bird’s RedHeart.com Knit Along.


I am a very slow knitter (especially purling), so this will not be completed in the timeframe of the KAl, but I am enjoying it!  I am currently knitting my second “mini section” of section two.

Second, I am making a Good Thoughts Shawl (crochet) for a friend who is making some big life changes.  I am using Jamin Rasanen’s Lizard pattern (found on Ravelry).  What I love about this shawl is the texture.  I am using Drops Fabel Wooden Rose (#655) and a 4.5mm Furls hook.  This will require a good blocking as it is curling the larger it is becoming.

I am currently reading James Herriot’s All Creatures Great and Small.  What a wonderful book!  The story just coasts along like life in the small village it set in.  I have more than once googled many of the veterinary procedures he performs in the book and I have a whole new respect for farmers.  I have learned so much.  I actually purchased all three of his books for only $3.99 (Barnes & Noble Nook book deal).

I am also starting A Man Called Ove which is our book club selection.  We are meeting the first week in May, so I need to get cracking on reading this (but it is so hard to drag myself away from All Creatures Great and Small).


Happy Reading, Knitting and Crocheting!

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along

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Shawl KAL Week One


I joined Marly Bird’s Garter Stitch Shawl KAL and week two has started today.

I finished week one a day late (slow knitter here), but am happy with how it is turning out and my color choices!


Week one involved knit stitch, increases (knit front/back) and color changes.



Each week, there is a video tutorial along with a written pattern.

If you don’t know how to knit, Marly also has a “learn to knit” video tutorial.

There is also a FaceBook group for this KAL and it is fun to see everyone’s progress!

Happy Knitting!

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Needles: Deborah Norville Interchangeable


Yarn: Red Heart Soft in Wheat, Coral and Turquoise

Project Bag: Gift from my husband


Shawl Knit Along with Marly Bird

I am joining RedHeart.com’s Garter Stitch Shawl Knit Along, hosted by Marly Bird.

I decided to use the suggested yarn (RedHeart Soft) and needle size so that I stay on track with the pattern.  Originally, I wanted to use stash DK yarn and smaller needles but as a new knitter I thought it was best to do as the instructor says!

Starting March 30th, Marly will be posting a video and written pattern for each section of the shawl.  A great way to learn new stitches, there is also a Facebook group page to post pictures and questions (Marly has already posted answers to many questions).

Don’t know how to knit?  Marly is currently hosting a video series (found on her YouTube channel) where she is teaching her mom how to knit.  Intro video found here, Lesson #1 found here.  What I loved about the first lesson (besides her and her mom laughing so much) was the very direct way she teaches.  Honestly, hearing someone say: “lay your needle in your quacker” sounds silly, but if you watch and do it, you are holding the needle correctly.  The cameral angle is great for seeing what she is doing.

You need 2 balls of your main color and one ball each of accent colors.

Now for my color choices:

My inspiration for my shawl was The Nordic Shawl by Annette Ceccarelli of My Rose Valley.  I have LOVED this shawl ever since I saw it years ago (why I have never made it, I have no idea).  Although I would have loved a pink accent color, none was available where I purchased my yarn (I’ll keep my eye’s open in case I find it before the KAL starts).


I chose a base color of Wheat, a main accent color of Turquoise and Coral as my minor accent color.



I have used RedHeart Soft for a crochet shawl and it is warm, soft and washes well.  As my skills grow, I would love to make a shawl in fingering weight (one that can be worn on a cool summers night).

I hope many of you choose to join the KAL and I look forward to seeing everyone’s finished shawls!

Happy Knitting!

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New Tricks KAL

Tin Can Knits has been hosting a “New Tricks KAL” (#TCKnewtricksKAL).

The idea is to challenge yourself with a skill that scares you or one you’ve been wanting to try.

New to knitting, I chose to try a Drop Stitch Scarf.  Luckily, this was a project in Marley Bird’s “My First” series on RedHeart.com.

I learned a lot…made a lot of mistakes…need to learn how to fix those mistakes.

Well, there is a  mistake or two!

Overall, I am pleased with how it turned out.

A good learning experience!

It has been packaged up to send to my niece who is in college in New Hampshire.


Also included in the package: knitting needles (5mm), a crochet hook (6mm), worsted weight yarn and bulky weight yarn.  When she is home after graduation, my sister in law and I are going to teach her how to knit and crochet.  Well, we are going to attempt to teach her (I’m not sure how good we are as teachers)!

Happy Knitting!

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