Big Steps at Sodor

Recently, one of my followers commented that she didn't know I had a son. I realized, I don't post many pictures of him or discuss him here on the blog a great deal. Basically, that is because he is not a selfie taking, fashion risk taker, camera hog like his sister is! He also won't … Continue reading Big Steps at Sodor


2017 Goals

How did I do with my goals of 2016? Despite some challenges, I did ok! Run twice a week-rather than setting milage goals - Did well with this until my back injury Re-join my local YMCA and start going to spin classes again- Joined and did ok until my back injury Run five 5Ks-Bailey’s Run … Continue reading 2017 Goals

Busy time

We've had a busy week and a half. To relax, the kids played outside in our newly fenced in yard (best thing we have ever done!) while I worked on my Caron Cake Super Scarf. We moved furniture out of the condo we are selling and used it to complete the kids playroom (there is … Continue reading Busy time

Hyperbolic Crochet

This month's meeting of my local crochet group, Fishnet Crocheters, was about Hyperbolic Crochet. My only recollection of hearing about hyperbolic crochet was the Crochet Reef Project. Dr. Daina Taimina inspired the Crochet Reef Project.  She uses crochet to teach the principles of hyperbolic space.  Marine organisms such as kelp, coral and sponges embody hyperbolic … Continue reading Hyperbolic Crochet