2017 Goals

How did I do with my goals of 2016?

Despite some challenges, I did ok!

Run twice a week-rather than setting milage goals – Did well with this until my back injury

Re-join my local YMCA and start going to spin classes again- Joined and did ok until my back injury

Run five 5Ks-Bailey’s Run for Autism, OFTM 5K, Doyle’s 5Miler, Local YMCA 5K, last one TBD- Ran 3 before my injury (would have been 4 but Bailey’s was cancelled due to a freak snow storm): Run for Recovery, YMCA 5K (Run for inclusion), Finish on the 50.

Continue to make charity donations-Winter Warmers (hats/scarves via my crochet group Fishnet Crocheters), The Red Scarf Project, Hospice Lapghans (via Ravelry group), Beth’s Hats for Hope (hats/scarves)-Donated LOTS of hats and scarves to Beth’s  Hats for Hope and Hooking for the Homeless!

See at least two movies in the theater-doesn’t sound like a lofty goal, but I only made it to one this year (Star Wars on 12-29-15. Seriously, I made it to ONE movie this year)-Ghostbusters and Fantastic Beasts…what a lofty goal LOL.  Although, seriously, I only managed those two!

Participate in CAL/KALS-First ones this year are Melody’s Makings Mini Mystery Create-A-Long and Ravelry’s Red Heart Lovers January CAL/KAL (cowls)- I did two CALs: the Southern Diamond Wrap and Red Heart Lover’s January CAL

Reach/surpass my 2016 GoodReads Reading Challenge goal (30 books)-Completed!

Go to two conferences for professional growth- ZERO

What should be my goals for this year??

  • Read 35 books (I can’t believe my number is low-I used to read 3 books at a time)
  • Learn to sew (a local store has Sewing 101 classes, hopefully my work schedule will allow me to take the 4 week course!)
  • Work out 3 times per week (Now I’ll have 2 hours/day free as Miss ME is starting pre school! Time to get rid of the “2016 s*cked” extra pounds)
  • Complete my Year of Projects List (Work in progress)
  • Continue to donate knit and crochet items (I always have a box ready to fill and send)
  • Make one project per month from one of the many crochet and knitting magazines I purchase (I buy all these magazines and just look at them and plan…never execute)
  • Take more photos (I’ll post to Instagram!)
  • See THREE movies…in the movie theater, not Netflix!
  • Walk 3 5K’s (I’ve been told by my Spine Doctor “if you want surgery Alison, start running and spinning again”.  So, since I don’t want surgery, it looks like power walking and the elliptical will be my cardio from now on)

On New Year’s Eve, I cleaned my basement and created this:


No excuses in 2017!

Power of positive thinking!

Busy time

We’ve had a busy week and a half.

To relax, the kids played outside in our newly fenced in yard (best thing we have ever done!) while I worked on my Caron Cake Super Scarf.




We moved furniture out of the condo we are selling and used it to complete the kids playroom (there is also a tv stand and tv now).




Miss ME and I had silly time after her week of therapy, our doctors appointments and my physical therapy.

Finally, I received my ribbons from the Easton States Exposition (The Big E).


I won First Prize for my Dragonfruit Shawl (Design by The KnotTheorist-paid pattern on Ravelry, Yarn-Jazz Handz Fiber Fusion)…


…and my Summertime Shawl (Design: Lizard-free pattern on  Ravelry, Yarn-Great Adirondack Organic Cotton).


Hope you all had a good weekend!


Lazy Crafting

Since Fall is near (today being 87 degrees not withstanding), I decided to make a Halloween Wreath for the front door.

I searched Pinterest and found some cute ideas!

I loved this wreath from Repeat Crafter Me.

I was lucky to find all the items I needed on clearance at local craft stores.


  • Foam Wreath ($2.99)
  • Orange bulky yarn (Big Twist-$1.00)
  • Black, sparkly yarn (Downton Abbey Lady Mary-$1.50)
  • “Spooky” ($.29)
  • Ribbon ($1.50)

Pretty inexpensive project.

Weeks went by, I finally had time to start the wreath.

I looked at the lovely, sparkly, light weight yarn and lost ALL my motivation.

It is really hard (for me at least) to make an amigurumi black cat.

Small hook, black yarn, need for reading glasses to see the stitches.

I don’t own reading glasses, so this was not going to happen.


Wasn’t going to happen.

Then I found this cute pattern for black cat coasters by Sew Crafty Crochet .


However, I was too lazy to do even these.

I know, how lazy can you be to not even make some coasters?

Pretty lazy.

So, I present The Lazy Girls Pinterest Inspired Halloween Wreath!


I wrapped the foam wreath, made some pompoms, tacked down the sign and attached the ribbon.


All done in one hour and making my front door look festive!


Happy Fall!

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Old is new again…

When I was pregnant with my son, we purchased all new nursery furniture.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, we were moving while in the midst of a heat wave.

We had no time or energy to purchase additional furniture.

Since our kids share a room, we just used the furniture we had.

Worked well initially.

Now there are lots of clothes, sweatshirts, socks and pajamas.

Time for a second dresser.

We have been using my husband’s childhood dresser for storage.

In our basement for our entire marriage, it has held roasting pans, serving platters, party supplies, etc.

Before heading out to purchase a new dresser, I decided to try to paint the old dresser.

Nothing to lose!



To make it nice and easy, I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X, paint and primer in one.

For the dresser, I used Heirloom White and the drawers Magenta.

I was unable to find any hardware I liked, so I painted the original hardware in Heirloom White also.

I placed clear silicone buffers on the drawers so the color won’t transfer.

I also purchased the kid’s initials at A.C. Moore.


I also painted these Heirloom White.

Made out of cardboard, they are very light and were easily hung with Command Strips.

Once it was dry, I showed it to Miss M.E.


I think she likes it!

My friend Joanne gives the most beautiful wrapped gifts.

Turns out, she uses wrapping paper from IKEA.

Luckily, I remembered this when I went a few days ago.

It is nice and thick and makes great drawer liners.


The dresser is the PERFECT size for the room!


I made a mandala for the top (I plan on making a runner to replace it) and the lamp is my childhood lamp (my mom had it rewired for me-thanks mom!).




I am quite pleased with how it turned out!

Next up, an IKEA hack mud room makeover!

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Hyperbolic Crochet

This month’s meeting of my local crochet group, Fishnet Crocheters, was about Hyperbolic Crochet.

My only recollection of hearing about hyperbolic crochet was the Crochet Reef Project.

Dr. Daina Taimina inspired the Crochet Reef Project.  She uses crochet to teach the principles of hyperbolic space.  Marine organisms such as kelp, coral and sponges embody hyperbolic geometry in their anatomies.

The Crochet Reef Project will be on display at The Museum of Arts and Design in New York City September 15-January 22.

A great TED Talk  (Margaret Wertheim: The beautiful math of coral) can be found here and a gallery of crochet hyperbolic models can be found here.

We met at Auntie ZaZa’s Fiber Works in Easton, MA.

On display was a community reef project started by the owner Elizabeth.  Both knit and crochet items were utilized.






The store really focuses on keeping the fiber arts alive.  Elizabeth informed us her youngest student is 3 and oldest is in their late 90’s!

Right at the door is a sign that states: “Fiber, not cyber” (I love that!).

Our project for the meeting was to create a simple shower poof using hyperbolic crochet (finishing mine today):


I was so happy  our meeting was held at the shop as it is only 15 minutes away from me-now I have another LYS!

Now I’m seeing hyperbolic stuff everywhere!

Quick trip to Home Depot and I saw this:



They were so pretty!

Looking forward to next months meeting!

Happy Crocheting!

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Small Zoo, Big Steps

We went to the zoo!

We have a  very small zoo near us, perfect for a first outing to the zoo.

E did not want to go in, but after 10 minutes of talking and soothing, he entered the zoo.

We stayed one hour, saw some animals (otters, goats and ducks were our favorites) and left to have a lunch in an air conditioned restaurant.



Proud that both kids approached the goats.  E even “fed” one  by guiding my hand (which held the food) to the goats mouth.




Proud that they moved through the zoo, I thought we’d be at the otters forever as it was the first things we saw.



Proud to say Miss ME said her first independent sentence, “I see ducks!”.



Of course, my husband did a little chasing too:


A lovely hour spent!


Low Key

This year, Forth of July was a low key affair.

Last year, it was the last holiday I spent with my brother.  This year, I really wanted it to be a quiet time.

On Saturday, we spent time at the park, then a fun lunch with the two cuties, followed by time on the deck.

On Sunday, I relaxed and binged watched a little Netflix in the afternoon (Marchella and Baby Cobra).

That night, I ran the Finish at the 50 5K with some friends. (#Finishathe50)

Lots of fun-running around and in Gillette Stadium and finishing on the 50 yard line.  Afterwards, we had drinks and watched a great fireworks show.

On the actual day, E and I had a date and went to Barnes & Noble to play with trains, read books and buy a new Thomas the Tank Engine book (very exciting!).  On the way out of the store, I found my next book club selection (Songs of Willow Frost) in the discount section-score!

I also managed to work on my new project, ELK Studios Southern Diamonds Wrap.

It was a nice, quiet weekend!

Hope you all had a fun, safe holiday!