Yarn Along

Poor Arthur Pepper... I have abandoned him. Not because I didn't like the book, I just had other books come in to the library that I had been waiting for. So, now I'm reading Lauren Graham's Talking as Fast as I Can. I love Gilmore Girls and I've been on a waiting list for a … Continue reading Yarn Along

Library Joy

Miss ME has discovered the joy of going to the library! Since I believe the library is one of the most wonderful places around, I'm really happy with her discovery. We go at least once a week. We discuss what type of books she wants that week. We discuss asking the librarian to help us … Continue reading Library Joy


My last sewing class (until the end of May) was Saturday. We learned how to make a simple stuffed bunny. Simple, but with lots of learning points: making darts, sewing curves, pattern cutting, etc. This bunny was intended for a newborn, so no eyes and I sent the pompom tail incase they wanted to put … Continue reading Learning