Faux Fair Isle

This is school vacation week, so my socks are on hold until the kids start back at school. Simply stated, I need to concentrate on the socks and Miss ME and E don't allow that to happen. A while back, Marly Bird introduced Red Heart SuperSaver Fair Isle yarn. I saw it on sale at … Continue reading Faux Fair Isle


Cozy Flannel

Two friends have new additions to their families! A baby boy has arrived and a sweet boy has been adopted. Not having time to crochet or knit presents, I sewed some quick blankets. A little something to say "Welcome"! Using flannel and fleece I already had in my stash, I made a cute train blanket … Continue reading Cozy Flannel


What's a Blipper? Well, it is a new tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co. A Blipper is a fleece blanket that has a pocket for your feet...a blanket/slipper! I texted my cousin to see if her son would like one and she said absolutely! I went through my stash and found two fabrics and I … Continue reading Blipper