Baby Set

Another co-worker is expecting a grandchild! So, instead of the quilt I was planning on making, I decided to tackle a baby sweater. My thinking was that a newborn size sweater wouldn't take too long and it would help me understand the construction of a simple cardigan. I was right! I finished it super quick. … Continue reading Baby Set


Seedling Gypsum

A while back was having a sale and I fell in love with Seedling by Thomas Paul fabric. I purchased three yards with no project in mind. Then I found Sew Liberated's Gypsum Skirt. I made my first one with knit fabric, and I love it. The fabric and pattern seemed a perfect match. … Continue reading Seedling Gypsum

Cleo #2

Ok, so I was totally going to be a grown up and make a legit muslin of the Made by Rae Cleo Skirt....but, I was/am too impatient. My first Cleo was a great learning experience, but the skirt was too big and did not flatter me. So for my second one, I once again chose … Continue reading Cleo #2