A Healthy Journey

When I had my kids close together, I gained 55 pounds.

I was slowly losing the weight (very slowly).

Then I was hit with very bad vertigo (4 months postpartum), and was unable to walk and out of work for almost 4 months.

Eventually, I was back on the treadmill and running 4 times per week.

Then we finally received the diagnosis of Autism for our son, which allowed us to receive specialized therapy everyday (ABA Therapy 6 hours/day).

Our lives became therapy, appointments and stress.

I continued to run, but our meals consisted of take out and frozen meals from Trader Joe’s (and lots of wine).

I was tired, sluggish and just feeling so unhealthy.

You can’t out exercise a very bad diet.

Along came The 21 Day Fix and Autumn.

Thank you Autumn.

I started cooking all my food, measuring all food and doing my daily workout.

I cut out all alcohol, detoxed sugar and processed foods.

I was in my pre pregnancy clothes!  50 pounds gone  🙂

Then, life happened again.

My brother, my only sibling, died.

He was so proud of me for losing the weight that I know he’d be angry if his death was the cause of me quitting or gaining it back. So, I was getting my motivation back and trying to live the healthy lifestyle I created for myself.

Then, our daughter was diagnosed Autistic…so our lives became even more hectic.

Then...I know, I know, this is ridiculous, but…

I had a work injury and herniated disks in my back and lost all use of my right leg.

I was out of work for months and went to physical therapy several times per week.

At this point, my back feels pretty good.

I just need to be careful with  what I choose for my exercise.

I have joined Weight Watchers and am combining that with 21 Day Fix.

I will be posting weekly weigh-ins on Saturday.

Hopefully, I’ll be back in those pre-pregnancy jeans soon!

(11 pounds to go)



4 thoughts on “A Healthy Journey

  1. Juliann says:

    I hope 2018 will be a good year for your health and some self care. I am getting back on the healthy train, my first stop is an appointment with the endocrinologist on Jan. 2


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