Weekly Weigh In

This week I am down 0.8lbs. I am a turtle in the world of weightloss. It comes off so slowly for me, but it is coming off. I am at one month on Weight Watchers. Luckily, I took my measurements before I started, and WHOOP WHOOP, I have lost 11.5 inches! That certainly is motivating! My … Continue reading Weekly Weigh In

Yarn Along

A good friend of mine recently gave me several knitting books. I decided to use The Knitter's Bible by Claire Crompton to learn some new stitches. I love Gansey Patterns and chose Lightning to start with. Sometimes a small project is just what you need-quick satisfaction! A stomach bug has hit our house 😦 I … Continue reading Yarn Along

Weigh-in Day

Well, I stayed the same this week. Not surprised. Non scale victory-I tracked everything! Looking over my WW food log, I could have made better choices. I should have had more veggies, I realized I didn't have my shakeology this week (helps with my sweets craving) and my workouts were not up to par. This … Continue reading Weigh-in Day