Book Date

It has been a while since I joined Book Date, Yarn Along and The Caffeinated Reader. Since my last join, I gave up on The Favorite Sister and gave it to  my cousin. I finished How to Find Love in a Bookshop and really enjoyed it! I tried to read The Gunners, but returned it … Continue reading Book Date

Sewing with kids!

My kids are very interested in my sewing, especially my son. However, Miss Mary has been wanting a sleep mask for days. I'm not sure where she has seen one, but apparently her eyes don't "stay shut" at night and "I really need a mask". So, since she doesn't have school until this afternoon, we … Continue reading Sewing with kids!

I Did It!

So long ago, I purchased Sew Liberated's Metamorphic Dress pattern. I was totally in love with it. I never made it. We are talking the summer. I placed it on my Year of Projects list in July. Well, of course, I decided that two days before Thanksgiving was the perfect time to make it. You … Continue reading I Did It!

Scrappy Mitts

After finishing my Stitch Sampler Shawl (which I just LOVE!), I wanted to use the left over yarn for a small project. At first, I thought a hat, but then I purchased the newest Simply Knitting Magazine and  read an article on using knitting to decompress (which I have really needed the past few weeks). … Continue reading Scrappy Mitts