Yarn Along

With the craziness of the past week, I didn’t finish A Window Opens before it disappeared from my iPad.  Oh well, it happens.

I needed a nice, quick read so I chose some short stories by Nora Ephron.

First up, I Remember Nothing: and Other Reflections.


I loved it!

Particularly the story “Old”.

I honestly had to put down the book and have a good laugh after I read one particular funny line.

I finished that book and moved onto Wallflower at the Orgy.

This one, I am not enjoying as much and find myself putting it down quite often.

So, I went onto Overdrive and found Dear Mr. You by Mary-Louise Parker.

Written in letter form, this is a good fit for my scattered/can’t concentrate for long self.

This week I am working on my knit color-block scarves and also a simply crochet baby blanket.


Happy reading, crocheting & knitting!

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It has been a busy few weeks.

I injured my back at work and have had a lot of doctors appointments and Physical Therapy twice a week.

I am also getting a property I own ready for sale (hopefully listing in 2 weeks).

So, I needed a very simple, no need to think project.

Recently on my FB feed has been posts from Hooking for the Homeless (I must have “liked’ a post at sometime).

They post patterns and ideas for charity donations.

I also purchased a copy of Knit Simple Magazine.


I love this particular issue because most of the patterns are just what the name implies-SIMPLE.

For a new knitter there are a bunch of projects I can make.

So, combining these two things I chose to make the  Kids Color Block Scarves to donate.


Stash diving, I found Knit Picks Brava Bulky in browns and decided to make a practice scarf.


Not too bad!  Good enough to donate I think.

So now, I am making a cranberry/white combo and will make a cranberry/grey combo.


Both of these made in Lion Brand Jiffy which a purchased for $1.50/skein last year.

I like the pompoms rather than tassels, so I’ll be adding those to the scarves.

I think I like this magazine enough to purchase a yearly subscription!

Happy Knitting!


Charity Hats

My hope is to send a box of hats to Beth’s Hats for Hope by the end of September.

If I can, I also plan to include some scarves.

I make all these hats from acrylic yarn so there aren’t any worries about allergies to wool. Plus, they can be thrown in the washing machine and dryer.

This week I made three hats.


First up was a Happy Granny Hat by Simone of Cows and Pink.

A quick pattern that made a nice hat.  The only part I didn’t like was the occasional double clusters in the pattern.  I realize they are needed to increase the size, but I thought it looked a bit strange.  Luckily, where it occurs is in the dark part of the pattern so I don’t think it is that noticeable.


Next up were two simple, basic hat patterns.

I used the following pattern:

Worsted weight yarn, 6mm hook.

  • Start with a magic ring
  • Chain 2 (counts as 1 HDC)
  • HDC total of 11 into ring (including ch 2), SS to ch2
  • Ch3, 2 DC in each stitch, SS to ch3
  • Ch3, 2 DC (ch 3 counts as 1st DC), 1DC in next stitch.  *2DC, 1DC* until end, SS to ch3
  • CH3, 2 DC (ch 3 counts as 1st DC), 1 DC in next 2 stitches.  *2 DC, 1DC in next 2 stitches* until end, SS to ch3.
  • Ch3, 2 DC (ch 3 counts as 1st DC), 1 DC in next 3 stitches. *2 DC, 1 DC in next 3 stitches* until end, SS to ch3.
  • Continue in this pattern until you reach the size you need
  • Chain 3, 2 DC (ch 3 counts as 1st DC), 1 DC in each stitch to end, SS to ch3.
  • Continue until you reach desired length.
  • Last row, SC around, fasten off.
  • Add embellishment, applique or pompom.

An easy, quick, basic hat.

The toddler hat turned out perfect.


The adult hat, I used sport weight yarn and had to do a few DC 2 TOG to get the size right towards the end (I wasn’t paying attention and forgot to change to a smaller hook for the yarn weight).


For both hats I did a simple reverse SC on the last row and added a pompom.

This has been a great way to use up some stash yarn.

Just because they are for charity doesn’t mean they can’t be pretty and cute!

Now to make some hats geared more for men.

Happy Crocheting!

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Yarn Along


My last Yarn Along post stated I was going to read Liane Moriarty’s newest book-Truely, Madly, Guilty.

Well, it never happened.

Basically, because the new Harry Potter came out!

So, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was quickly downloaded and read.

Not as good as the original series (what could be?), but enjoyable none-the-less!

Next up, a quick read from Lisa Gardner – Three Truths and a Lie.

This is a short story about an ongoing character D.D. Warren.

Quick and fun.

Now I am reading A Window Opens by Elisabeth Eagan.

I’m pretty sure I downloaded this once before and never got around to reading it.

So far, so good!

My projects this week include:

  • My Hull Poncho (my size 19 needles arrived from the UK-yay!)
  • Multiple charity hats (three more made)
  • Easy Stripes Baby Blanket

Happy Reading, Crocheting & Knitting!

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Busy Girl Shawl

Sometimes, the best laid plans don’t work out.

In this case, the chosen yarn was just not right for the project.

I purchased Mamachee’s Busy Bitch Shawl pattern (which I am going to call Busy Girl Shawl…I am not a fan of the given name) and planned on using a skein of Expression Fiber Arts shimmering cashmere/silk yarn.

Hmmmm, it just didn’t work.

A while back, I had started Caitlyn Ffrench’s Terrible Simple knit shawl using Schachenmayr Bravo Color yarn.  It has sat untouched for quite a while.

Neither of these projects were working for me (I do plan on finishing the Terribly Simple shawl).


So, I used the Shachenmayr yarn for my Busy Girl Shawl.


Score, it worked well!

Loved making this pattern!


Well written and easy, worth the price as I know for a fact I will be making another.


I know I’ll be making another due to another problem.

Either I have a huge noggin or the designer has a tiny noggin.

There is NO way this fits over my head without causing injury.

Luckily, it fits Miss ME!



I plan on using the Expression Fiber Arts yarn for a simple scarf .  Honestly, I have had a very hard time finding a project to use this yarn for.  Any ideas would be great (I have about 300 yards)!

Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

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Each year I make hats and scarves for two charities:

Beth’s Hats for Hope

Red Scarf Project

This week, I started my hats.

I had been searching for new patterns and came across Pom by Caroline Hegwer.

This pattern can be found for free here.

What drew me to the pattern were the pattern photos.


This was a very quick, easy pattern and I love the finished results!


I made both an adult and child size hat using left over yarn from my Nordic Shawl.

Because this is done spiral and not with a chain 2 at the beginning of each round, my color change was quite obvious on the blue hat (picture above).

I found if I changed colors when pulling through the second loop of my FPDC rather than on the DC prior to the FPDC it made the color changes more seamless (as in the adult brown hat).

I also changed to FPSC /BPSC for the last 4-5 stitches of the rib (on the adult hat) to make a more even edge.

Hopefully, these will help keep some people warm this winter.

I’m sure I’ll be making another one for Miss ME!


Yarn Along


This week I am reading Elizabeth George’s A Great Deliverance.

I went to hear her speak at our local bookstore and realized I had never read the first book in her Inspector Lynley series.

So, I’m reading my signed copy and enjoying every minute of it!


Next up will be Liane Moriarty’s newest book Truly Madly Guilty.

I pre ordered a Nook copy a while ago and it is now available!

I love all her books.

My project this week is Mamachee’s Busy Bitch Shawl.

I’m not exactly a fan of the name, but I like the connected shawl (BITCH=Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Creative, Hottie)

I also finished two hats for my 2016 collection for Beth’s Hats for Hope (post later this week).

Happy Reading, Knitting & Crocheting!

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Mini Hull Poncho

In the beginning of July I posted my project picks for “A Year of Projects” (aka YOP).

I listed Nerd Girl Yarns Hull Poncho.

Who knew that finding affordable size 19 circular needles locally would be near impossible?

I’m always fascinated that it is actually less expensive for me to order from a UK based site and have it shipped to good ole USA than it is to order from a US based company or a chain store such as Joannes.

So, that is what I did and my needles are making their transatlantic journey.

In the meantime, I decided to test out the pattern.


I only wanted to use one skein of yarn (Buttercream Collection Alpaca Solids) so I made Miss ME a poncho.


Yes, I know, we will have matching ponchos!

The pattern was very easy and the yarn was soft and easy to work with.

I love chunky yarn and big needles!

As a new knitter, it makes me feel so accomplished to finish a project quickly.

For mine, I plan on doing a color block with grey and purple.

I could have made her’s a little bigger, but why use up some of the other skein of yarn for something she’ll probably wear for 2 minutes and whip off?


Happy Knitting & Crocheting!

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Small Zoo, Big Steps

We went to the zoo!

We have a  very small zoo near us, perfect for a first outing to the zoo.

E did not want to go in, but after 10 minutes of talking and soothing, he entered the zoo.

We stayed one hour, saw some animals (otters, goats and ducks were our favorites) and left to have a lunch in an air conditioned restaurant.



Proud that both kids approached the goats.  E even “fed” one  by guiding my hand (which held the food) to the goats mouth.




Proud that they moved through the zoo, I thought we’d be at the otters forever as it was the first things we saw.



Proud to say Miss ME said her first independent sentence, “I see ducks!”.



Of course, my husband did a little chasing too:


A lovely hour spent!