Blooming Bunch Quilt

The kids are back to school!

Let me shout that, THE KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL!!!!!

Let the crafting begin!

Long ago (I think maybe a year) I saw that Maureen McCormick (yes, Marcia Brady) was releasing a Brady Bunch inspired fabric line. I had known that she is a quilter and had watched a video of her visiting Missouri Star Quilt.

When the line was released, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched Etsy, found a jelly roll, purchased it and then lovingly looked at it for about a year.

I did not want to make a jelly roll quilt from it (I have made many of these easy quilts and while I enjoy them, I wanted something different).

I searched the tutorials on Missouri Star Quilt and found the Stack & Flip Quilt.

Easy and cute but a different look from a jelly roll quilt top.

The kids are now back in school and I had my first free day today (no appointments at all).

I sat down and made the quilt top.

Now I am firmly in the “better done than perfect” camp, and that is what this is-cute, full of mistakes and just makes me smile!

So much of the print makes me think of my childhood home…our Harvest Gold appliances, my avocado green easy bake oven and play kitchen and my bedroom!

This quilt top just makes me happy!

I have realized I really hate the actual quilting part, but I am going to power on in the next few weeks to quilt this rather than send it out….well maybe. If I determine the cost of sent out quilting is reasonable and I bind it at home I’m all for that 🙂

Have a good week!

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